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Maine Coon Cat Grooming Tips

    Maine coon cats are a royal breed with a magnificent look. Elegant is an understatement. They are the largest domestic breed. These felines have three coat layers, with furs so thick and beautiful. Maine coon cats are built to withstand the harsh winter climate. They look like they are dressed for winter, literally! The luxurious outer layer has coarse and denser fur. The undercoat has a propensity to become thicker during winter. When it gets warmer during summer, lots of these hairs tend to fall off. But they grow back right before the next winter. Grooming, when done right, creates a platform for bonding. It creates warmth between you and the cat and further enhances the trust the...

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What You Need to Know Before Bringing Home a Maine Coon Cat

    For cat enthusiasts, it can be exciting when you see Maine Coon kittens for sale around your area. Maine Coon cats are incredibly gorgeous and a highly desired bread to add to the family dynamic. They are also the largest domestic cat and oldest natural breed within North America. Aside from their historical traits, these felines are extremely loyal, affectionate, and loving animals. However, before jumping in and buying Maine Coon kittens, make sure you understand what the responsibly entails and that you are adequately prepared to bring your furry friend(s) home. On photo: Mari and Maine Coon Kitten "Lover" Basic Care Though Maine Coon cats are generally good at grooming themselves, you should be prepared to help...

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